St Ives Orchid Fair

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Results From 2022

Grand Champion Orchid of the Show

Reserve Champion Orchid of the Show


Champion Cymbidium Hybrid - Standard

Champion Cymbidium Hybrid - Miniature/Intermediate

Champion Laeliinae Hybrid

Lesley & Garrie Bromley 
Rlc Dundas ‘Olga’

Champion Paphiopedilum Hybrid

Robertson Orchids
Paphiopedilum Macabe Chant

Champion Vandaceous / Phalaenopsis Hybrid

Champion Oncidiinae Alliance Hybrid

Gowan Stewart
Psycopsis Mendenhall

Champion Australian Native Hybrid

Champion Australian Native Species

Champion Exotic Species

Champion Orchid Not elsewhere specified

Champion Seedling any Genera

Champion Cymbidium Seedling

Champion Specimen

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